6 Fun Facts on Football Pitches

By George Padley on 14 Nov 2022

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  1. One of the FIFA World Cup 2022 Football Stadiums in Qatar (‘Stadium 974’) will be the first ever temporary football stadium ever used in a World Cup and has been constructed with the use of shipping containers.  

  2. Professional football pitches can vary in size quite significantly…

  3. According to FIFA and FA regulations, the dimensions of an 11-a-side football pitch must fall between being 100-130 yards (90-120m) long and 50-100 yards (45-90m) wide. 

  4. Most Premier League football pitches measure 115 yards (105.16m) x 74 yards (67.67m).

  5. Wembley Stadium’s pitch dimensions are 115 yards (105.16m) long by 75 yards (68.58m) wide, making it slightly narrower than the old Wembley’s measurements.

  6. Based on these measurements, you could fit 485 of our 20ft shipping containers on Wembley Stadium’s pitch…that’s a lot of storage…although there’d be no room for anyone to access the containers in the middle!

Fortunately, unlike some providers, we leave a minimum width of 6m on all access roads in between our rows of units. This ensures that you can comfortably drive right up to your unit to load / unload and not find yourself being blocked in or having to squeeze around unnecessarily tight corners. We’re always thinking of our customers and do our very best to make things as easy and as hassle free as possible. 

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