How Safe is Self-Storage?

By Sarah Hughes on 11 Jun 2024

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Self storage facilities are an excellent option for individuals or businesses who need extra space to store their belongings. But with the increasing demand for self storage facilities, one question that often comes to mind is, how safe is self storage? Here we will explore the safety measures and precautions taken by PadStore Self Storage to ensure the safety and security of your possessions.

Gated Entry

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Our outdoor sites are security fenced and the only access is through our GSM electric gate system. We program our customers’ mobile telephone number(s) onto the gate – when they then dial the gate it will know who they are and open for them, automatically closing behind them afterwards. This system allows us to remotely monitor access to and from site, and also alleviates the ability for PIN codes to be passed around and used by others who are not authorised to access our facilities. Furthermore, being able to ring the gate means our customers can stay in their vehicles and drive straight up to their storage unit(s).

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Our Oakham self storage facility can only be accessed via our keypad. We provide each of our customers with a unique PIN code, which is specifically allocated to them, and are able to monitor exactly who enters and leaves the building.

Monitored CCTV

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We understand the importance to our customers that their possessions in storage are kept safe and secure. Another reassurance to our customers is that we have monitored 24/7 infrared CCTV systems in place at all of our sites. Along with this we also have a tannoy system, so that if there were to be any unauthorised person(s) on site, we are able to notify them that we are aware of their presence and that the police are on the way.

Motion Sensor Flood Lighting

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As most of our facilities are accessible for our customers 24/7, we have motion sensor lighting that activates when someone enters site. This way our customers can feel safe and see where they are going, as well as being a deterrent for anyone who shouldn’t be there.

Unscheduled Site Visits

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Although our self storage facilities are predominately unmanned, we are never far away. Our CCTV systems are also monitored by an external company, which gives everyone peace of mind that everything is safe and secure, but we feel it’s always good to regularly check our security measures are to standard.

We regularly visit all our sites at various points throughout the week and weekends to ensure our facilities are kept clean and tidy. Whilst on site we also check the grounds, fencing and electric gate, to ensure that everything is in good order and that there aren’t any security concerns requiring attention.

Our Storage Units

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Each of our storage containers are made from Corten steel, which gives them the best protection against the outside elements. They are strong and water-tight, with air vents to provide adequate ventilation inside the unit. Our containers are purpose-built to be utilised for self storage and are ‘new’ when we buy them (having travelled only one trip overseas to the UK). 

Before each new customer hires storage from us, we completely clean and sterilise the inside of every unit to ensure they are to the best possible standard for whatever you may wish to be store inside.

Patented Padlocks & Keys

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Some self storage companies require you to purchase your own padlock. This may be challenging for a customer to know what size padlock is adequate and which type of padlock would ensure optimum security. It is also an increased cost if you’re only wishing to store for a relatively short period of time. We take this hassle away by providing all our customers with an industry-leading patented lock (and two keys) which fits within the protected recess of the unit door. There is, however, space for you to use additional locks if you wish. The keys we provide cannot be copied by anyone else, other than by us through our security provider; so customers have the added peace of mind that no other keys are ever in circulation for the unit they have hired.

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Contents Insurance Cover

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We offer contents insurance cover for added peace of mind and, as our security is so good, we are able to offer this to our customers at very good rates.

Although it is not mandatory for customers to take out Contents Insurance Cover exclusively through us, our insurance cover is comprehensive, competitive, and simple to arrange through us.

All our customer(s) need to do is choose the level of cover they require (the full replacement value of the goods in storage, new for old), and we will add this cover to their monthly invoice(s).

We also welcome our customers to research other self-storage insurance providers if they wish to do so.  

If you would like to discuss storing with PadStore, our friendly team are on hand to answer any queries you may have, just simply send us an email or call us.

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