By George Padley on 22 Jan 2020

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Dispelling a Few Self Storage Myths

Here at PadStore we appreciate that not everyone that might want or need storage space knows what self storage is all about, how it works and whether or not it would be a something that could work for them. 

With this in mind we want to help dispel a few [relatively] common misconceptions with regards to self storage and, more specifically, containerised self storage. 
‘Storage is Storage’:

Not all storage facilities are comparable. There are different types and there are different qualities of facilities and service surrounding these. Warehouse based storage is not the same as containerised storage. Warehouse storage is great for some users but not others. Containerised self storage offers some unique and beneficial differences. Ultimately it’s entirely up to you which type you prefer and your options will often depend on your storage requirements. 

Here’s a list / table showing some of the advantages and disadvantages of each option:

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Storage Hunters:

Most of you will have heard of or watched this programme. It started out in the USA and now there’s a UK version. It’s [mildly] entertaining, for a little while, but …[SPOILER ALERT]… it’s fake!! This just doesn’t happen. Have you ever wondered why all the little locks on the containers are all the same and all brand new, or why you never see anything ‘won’ in the auctions actually sold? That’s because the contents (props) are placed into empty containers by the programme’s production team and a brand new (flimsy) little lock is put on the outside to be cut off as part of the drama. 

Very rarely is there ever a need to dispose of someone’s possessions from a storage unit. In the very unlikely event that someone ‘disappeared’ and we were unable to return the items in storage then the very last thing we’d do is call in a TV crew and a rabble of bickering bidders to clear the unit. 

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Some people [wrongly] believe that container storage is somehow not as secure as warehouse storage. This is simply not true. Yes, warehouse often benefit from internal alarm systems and other internal restrictions but steel containers themselves are far more difficult to break into than a thin internal partition of a warehouse unit and all of our locks are far bigger / stronger and are protected within a purpose built lock shroud (unlike the piddly little locks you see on Storage Hunters). 

Furthermore, we offer a host of security features across all our sites. Electric PIN/GSM security gates, perimeter security fencing, site-wide CCTV, industry leading locks with patented ‘anti-copy’ keys and the corten steel containers themselves with 3-4 extra locking points for additional locks (should you desire). 

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Damp / Condensation:

Shipping containers are, unsurprisingly, designed to be stacked on the back of vast cargo ships where they travel around the world for weeks / months at a time. They are, therefore, very well equipped to deal with wet weather. In fact, the majority of products imported into the UK will have arrived in UK docks within a steel shipping container so you can rest assured that they’re well and truly watertight. 

What you do have to be careful of is what you store in the container. Part-defrosted freezers, organic matter, or other wet / damp items should not be stored. You must ensure that whatever goes into your container is dry or this could lead to condensation when the moisture evaporates inside the container. Washing machines, fridges, freezers etc. should be fully drained down before they’re stored. Ideally, pick a dry day to load your container – whilst a few wet footprints wont cause a problem, if you trample a lot of water into your container you could end up with some problems. It’s a good idea to take a doormat or towel to put just on the inside of your container if it’s wet underfoot when you start storing – then you can keep the floor clean and dry and just take the towel / mat away with you when you’ve finished. 

For more information on what you can / can't store in our units please visit the FAQ's section of our website at:

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Contents Insurance:

Let’s face it – if it’s worth storing then it’s worth insuring. If not then why bother storing it in the first place? Some insurance policies and providers won’t insure goods / possessions that are kept away from your home / work premises, unless they’re on your person. A growing number of self storage providers (ourselves included) want to limit the cost and inconvenience of finding your own insurance cover while your property is in storage. Rather than pay hefty fees to a third party provider, we have a bespoke insurance policy that enables us to insure customer goods on their behalf and pass on the fantastic cost savings. It’s a fraction of the price you’ll find if you went to the open marketplace or via an online provider and, better still, all you have to do is let us know the replacement value of your possessions and we handle all the administration. So no, it’s not a way of us (storage providers) trying to wring some extra fees out of you – it’s our way of further protecting your interests and at the very best rates possible. 

“Use It or Lose It”:

It’s a horrible feeling to imagine you’ve just paid for a month of storage and all of a sudden things change and you don’t need it. Some providers (luckily, only a few) adopt a ‘Use it or Lose it’ approach to monthly invoicing. We don’t like this aggressive approach at all and believe in treating our customers how we would want to be treated. With PadStore, on our Flexible Package, you will only ever end up paying for the days you’ve used your storage unit(s). We invoice monthly but, at any point following our initial 7-day minimum hire period, you can hand back your keys and receive a refund for any days in that period you’ve paid for and not used (as well as your key deposit refund, of course). This is our way of assuring you that we’ll never receive your payment and tell you to ‘use it or lose it’. 

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