Shipping Containers

By Sarah Hughes on 13 Apr 2023

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We used ChatGPT to write a poem on shipping containers:


Shipping containers, oh shipping containers,

Giant steel boxes, on land and sea,

You carry the world's cargo,

From port to port, so tirelessly.


You come in all shapes and sizes,

And help us organise,

Our cluttered homes and workspaces,

With your sturdy, reliable guise.


Your strength and durability,

Are a testament to engineering might,

You protect the goods within you,

Through storms and waves with all your might.


With your tight-fitting doors,

You protect our treasures and tools,

From dust, moisture, and pests,

And the wear and tear of everyday use


From the garage to the attic,

You keep our belongings in check,

A safe haven for our memories,

And a place for our excess.


Oh, shipping containers, how we depend on you,

To keep our lives in order,

A symbol of our human need,

To find peace in chaos and disorder.


So, here's to you, dear shipping containers,

Our unsung heroes of tidiness,

We'll always rely on your strength and durability,

To keep our lives organised and stress-free. 

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