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By Sarah Hughes on 31 Jan 2022

storage hire with padstore

Whether you are moving home, having refurbishment works completed, looking to store much needed equipment for work or simply needing to free up some space, then you may already be thinking about self-storage. During your search for a self-storage site there are a few factors you may be considering such as: location of the site, ease of access to the site and your potential unit, security, standard of services provided, size of the unit and the rental rate.

We appreciate the storge hire rate is likely to be at the top of most people’s priority, which is why we not only strive do our best to provide the best customer service, but we also review our prices to ensure we remain fair to our customers as well as competitive in the market.

Average Self Storage Hire Rate

According to the data from the SSA (Self Storage Association) UK annual industry report (2021), the overall average rental rate for self-storage in the UK is £23.94 per square foot per year. This is a national average and can vary on the site location, excludes VAT, and excludes contents insurance cover.

As our sites are located in the East Midlands we are only going to focus on this area. In the East Midlands the average hire rate is £15.71 per square foot per year*. 

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*Hire rates exclude VAT and are based on the National Average from the SSA UK annual industry report 2021. They are not indicative to a specific storage type, location or provider. 

Our storage hire rates start from £17.31 ex. VAT per week for an 80 sq.ft container and from £23.08 ex. VAT per week for a 160 sq.ft container. Based on these figures, our hire rates represent a 28% and 52% saving on the local average (respectively) when compared to the average for all storage types. For fullness our package prices are detailed on our website.

4 Weekly or Monthly

Some self-storage companies charge their customers 4 weekly so although you may be thinking your storage hire rate is a monthly cost you could in fact be paying 13 times in a year, instead of 12. It is a very important question to ask if you are looking to keep your storage rental costs down. Our rental rates are charged monthly, unless you specifically ask to pay up-front.

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Contents Insurance Cover

Although we do not force our customers to take out Contents Insurance Cover through us, we do highly recommend it; after all if it is worth storing then it must be worth insuring. We can arrange insurance cover for your contents stored with us, all you would need to do is choose the level of cover you require when booking, and we will include the cost in your monthly invoice.

We also welcome our customers to research other self-storage insurance providers if they wish to do so.  

Security and Padlocks

Some self-storage companies require you to purchase your own padlock. This may be challenging for a customer to know what size padlock is adequate and which type of padlock would ensure optimum security. It is also an increased cost if you’re only wishing to store for a relatively short period of time. We take this hassle away by providing all our customers with an industry-leading patented lock and keys which fit within the protected recess of the unit door. There is, however, space for you to use additional locks if you wish. 

CCTV is in operation around the clock and access to our storage site can only be gained by our customers mobile number being programmed onto our electric gate. Being able to ring the gate means you can stay in your vehicle and drive right up to your storage unit.

the importance of contents insurance cover 4


The only deposit you need to pay is for your keys. This is a one-off key deposit of £50 which is included in your first month’s advance storage hire invoice and is fully refundable once you vacate your unit and return the keys to us. This is to ensure that you’re the only one with keys for your unit – if we don’t receive both keys back from a vacating customer then we re-pin the lock and have new keys cut to give peace of mind to every new customer.

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