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By Sarah Hughes on 3 Jan 2024

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We’re often asked by our customers if we sell products that could assist them during their storage with us. Unfortunately, this is not something we do, but we also like to help our customers as much as we can by offering advice as to what may be best to buy.

Although we don’t supply or sell these products, we have compiled the following list and hope this helps (click images to view product(s) you may wish to purchase).


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Utilising racking and shelving can optimise your storage space, as well as making it an easier task to locate items. When choosing racking and shelving, please remember to check the weight capacity that it can withstand.

Please see the following internal dimensions of our units:

10ft Unit:

Length 9ft 9 inches (2.97m), Height 7ft 10 inches (2.39m), Width 7ft 8 inches (2.34m)

20ft Unit:

Length 19ft 9 inches (2.97m), Height 7ft 10 inches (2.39m), Width 7ft 8 inches (2.34m)

Wireless Lighting

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Our containers don’t have a power supply or internal lighting which can make it tricky if you visit in darker hours of the morning or night. Wireless magnetic lighting is an ideal solution to have inside your storage unit.

Boxes: Cardboard and Plastic

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Storing loose items such as books, DVDs, ornaments, and paperwork in cardboard or plastic boxes is an easy way to transport your possessions to / from your unit. It’s also a good way to keep your unit tidy and to easily find what you’re looking for.

Bubble Wrap

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Secure your fragile items, such are ornaments, crockery etc with bubble wrap while transporting them to / from your unit.


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Utilising labels on boxes is a great way for you to know what is inside each box. It will limit the time spent searching through each box to find what you’re looking for. Another great idea would be to create a small list which details what’s inside each box, so that you don’t need to try to put it all on the label.  


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If you’re using breathable garment bags or cardboard boxes to store your clothes, use desiccants such as silica gel packs. Placing some of these inside with your clothes, will help to absorb any moisture left behind.






You can also hang moisture absorber packs from the internal lashing points within the container which will help remove any excess moisture in the air, especially during the winter months. Please do be mindful that these will absorb moisture form the air in all conditions, so the presence of moisture trapped in these doesn’t necessarily mean there is damp / condensation issue inside your unit. Damp or wet items should never be stored inside your unit, and we always advise loading your unit on a dry day, if at all possible. For more storage tips please see our Storage Tips.

Vacuum Bags

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Vacuum bags are ideal to keep your clothes, fabrics and bedding fresh and protected; they will also help to reduce the amount of storage space used inside your unit. You must, however, be sure everything is completely dry before sealing them.

Garment bags are ideal for hanging clothes, such as suits, dresses, and coats.

It’s important to avoid storing your clothes in plastic carrier bags, as these can trap moisture and promote mould growth. For more tips on the storing of clothes, please see our Tips for Storing Clothes.

Fabric Dust Sheets

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Draping fabric dust sheets over your furniture (as opposed to plastic ones, which can cause furniture to sweat) will allow your items to breath and will help to keep them dust free. They are also ideal to keep your furniture protected, especially if you’re stacking your items.



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Utilising a dirt trapper mat inside the entrance to your unit will help to keep your items inside clean. These trap any dirt or dust from the outside when you enter your unit, as well as helping you to dry your shoes if it’s been raining outside. 

Mattress Bags

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Mattress bags are ideal to keep your mattress clean, dry and damage free while transporting to / from your unit. 



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