Why Contents Insurance Cover is Important…

By Sarah Hughes on 20 Sep 2022

the importance of contents insurance cover

A common mistake people often make is to assume their home insurance covers their possessions when they are stored away from the family home. This is often not the case, and it is always best practice to check your policy small print.

If you do not already have appropriate insurance cover in place, taking out Contents Insurance Cover for your stored goods is the best way to ensure you’re protected against potential losses. This will cover the full replacement value of your goods in storage, on a ‘New for Old’ basis.

Contents Insurance Cover with PadStore

the importance of contents insurance cover 2

Unlike some self-storage providers, we don’t make it compulsory for you to take out our Contents Insurance Cover when you hire storage from us, we welcome our customers to seek insurance from other providers if they wish to do so. All that we ask is that you provide a copy of your insurance to confirm that you have cover in place. If we don’t receive notification from our customers by the time they commence their second month of storing, we will apply our minimum band of cover (Up to £2,500) to ensure that you have at least some cover in place. We do this to comply with our insurers who require customers to have a minimum level of cover in place. 

We believe our Contents Insurance Cover prices to be fair and competitive. Our bands of cover range from £2,500 to £50,000; our costs can be found here or in our table below:

the importance of contents insurance cover 3

We ensure our facilities are as secure as possible, but nothing is ever 100% guaranteed, which is why insurance is available for added peace of mind. You may think ‘it will never happen to me’ or the odds of it happening are very low, but is it worth even the smallest possibility of the worse happening and you needing to replace your items in storage if they were lost or damaged? 

the importance of contents insurance cover 4

Who knows, hopefully you will never need to make an insurance claim whilst you are storing your possessions. For sure, to have that peace of mind knowing your items are securely stored and insured is better than having no cover at all.

the importance of contents insurance cover 5

We’re proud to have an exemplary security record since we commenced trading in 2017, taking every fire & security precaution and deterrent possible to ensure this remains. But, if you were in any doubt as to the sorts of things that have happened to other providers in the recent past, here are a few examples as to why Contents Insurance Cover is essential: 




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